Broke my key in my office door on a Saturday. A locksmith was on site within 30 minutes. Was able to remove the key, and then lubricated and put the deadbolt back together. Hasn't worked this well in years. Great service and reasonable price for an after hours call.

James G.

Unbelievable service. I needed three things done, a key for a safe that i found to go along with the combination an extra key for the ignition after the car dealership screwed up and left me with only one key, then the door to the same car could not be unlocked with the key leaving only the faub. Since the only place to unlock the car is on the drivers door, if the faub doesn't work, there would be no way to get into the car, meaning leave the car unlocked???? The service man stayed an extra hour past closing to finish all the work. I drove out with the door to my safe, an extra key to the ignition, and the door lock fixed. The door had to be completely un-assembled and bring the lock into the shop to find the problem. All that work done in just over an hour. And the cost was so reasonable that i was shocked when he told me the price. I thank you for excellent service and very fair pricing. And thank you for staying late.

Harlan R.

Staff was polite, and they had the key and computerized starter that I needed for a very cheap price. The only issue was that the only parking lot was a one or two car space on the side of the building.

Marianna B.

Always the place to go for locks,security and fire protection!!! Many years and it shows!

Brian W.

I bought a replacement FOB for my daughter's car off ebay. A technician at Central Locksmith was able to install it for around $20! Far cheaper than bringing it to a Chevy dealership. I've conducted business at the shop several time in the past. I've always found the staff to be pleasant and helpful. Prices are reasonable, too!

Sandra L.